Friday, January 18, 2013

NFL Championship Week YouTube Time-Suck

In preparation for the divisional round of the playoffs, I've spent an unforgivable amount of hours on YouTube, merrily going down the internet's rabbit hole. I had so much fun doing it that I might make it a tradition. I also realized Ray Lewis has quite a few man-crushes on quarterbacks.

Is Ray Lewis Peyton Manning's Biggest Fan?

Last week's divisional game between the Ravens and Broncos could have been Ray Lewis' last game in the NFL if it weren't for a late 4th quarter 70-yard Flacco bomb to tie the game and send it to
overtime. That pass set up this week's AFC Championship rematch and put the Ravens in position to continue their surprising run. Another side effect of that unlikely play was the abrupt conclusion of Peyton Manning's much-heralded comeback season. Peyton needn't feel sad though, because at least Ray thinks the world of him:


Love, Hate, Love: Tom-Tom and Ray-Ray

Sunday's AFC Championship game featuring the Ravens and Patriots is a rematch of last year's contest. A year ago, Baltimore's since-exiled kicker Billy Cundiff missed a field goal to tie the game at 23 with seconds left in the 4th quarter. This video features amazing/agonizing white-guy trash talk and some awkward compliments at the end of games:

Colin Freakin' Kaepernick! (Sorry Alex, We Hardly Knew Ye)

After his breakout game against Chicago, Kaepernick was restricted by a conservative game plan that limited his runs and didn't highlight his skills The run against St. Louis (at 1:15 in the video) showed a flash of the running game that Harbaugh kept mostly under wraps until last week's divisional playoff win over Green Bay. If last week was indicative of a more explosive game plan rather than just a one-off performance, the rest of the league should be scared. This 49er fan is delighted. A lot's been written about Kaepernick in the last few weeks, so it's important to watch this highlight video of laser beam passes and loping, majestic runs to remind us that Kap isn't hype, he's the goods:


Comic Relief! The NFL "Bad Lip Reading" Video

This video is unrepentantly stupid - a celebration of gibberish and sophomoric humor - which is probably why I couldn't turn it off. It's also incredibly viral (11.5 million views so far after only 3 days online). I dare you to start watching this video and turn it off before it ends. If you can, you're infinitely more refined than I am.  Good luck:

Ok, that's enough time wasted. Enjoy the games this weekend. Before I go, quick predictions for the games:

San Francisco 38, Atlanta 24 - I don't think the Falcons can match SF's defensive intensity, and the dome will be like a track for Kap. I expect another big day from the SF rushing attack and for Harbaugh to use David Akers as little as humanly possible. "4th and 3? Go for it!"
New England 28, Baltimore 27 - Last year, Cundiff's missed field goal robbed the Ravens of a chance at a Super Bowl, and I expect another close game this year. The Patriots are a better team and have an infinitely better quarterback. The Ray Lewis factor should keep Baltimore close, but if Tom gets rolling, that could change quickly. 

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